As a leading institution of adolescent learning, Christ College sets out to produce competent, God – fearing, balanced, well – educated and disciplined students that can confidently excel in the opportunities and challenges of an ever – changing world.

‘Pressing Forward’ has been adopted as the theme for this academic session and is taken from Philippians 3:14. This means we are all pressing forward with great purpose. This would be seen in our character, diligence, prayers and faith in the Lord. Our students are taught to be fruitful in their learning; to be gentle and kind; and to make a difference in the world.

Our students are encouraged and supported to fully develop their innate abilities through various activities in the College that act as catalyst for this development.

Leave no child behind an education policy adopted by former President George W Bush (2001) is key to our academic philosophy. We ensure that all students in the College are not only catered for, but made to participate in all activities.

The College is located at a place that is serene and very conducive for effective learning, because we are far removed from any form of distraction. Our learning environment is structured such that our students participate actively in the learning process going on in the classroom and outside the classroom with comfort.

In an activity like Music, every student as a matter of policy in the College learns to play effectively at least 2 musical instruments of his/her choice. Similarly, in the area of sports, each student also participates and represents his/her class, hostel or the College in any 2 sporting events.

This way, Christ College is not only producing few superstars, but directly ensuring that all our students are stars in their own right. This is in conformity with our belief that ‘every child matters‘.

Our parents are recognized as an important stakeholder and play an equally important role as a critical influence on the educational attainment of their children. Their contribution through support and participation in school activities are invaluable to the College.

This academic session 2016/2017, our curriculum has been enriched with the introduction of the Cambridge International Examination in the College. The College can now present students for the Cambridge International Examinations which includes the Cambridge Checkpoint Examination and the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) starting from 2017. This means that the journey to international education has commenced at the Green Acres.

Christ College students are having a very exciting time in school, because they are exposed to education that is a blend of literary, spiritual, science and enterprise. This type of education prepares them for future leadership positions as they graduate from the school.

All members of Christ College are enjoined to have exciting and memorable moments as we journey through this academic year 2016/2017.

Christ College, the Green Acres is a school like no other.

Thank you all.


Babayeju, M. Olusola




Differentiating Christ College

At Christ College, we attach great importance to teaching and learning for both our staff and students, hence we find different ways to make it practical, natural and stimulating. We seek to extend this to day-to-day events both during school term and holiday time as we believe learning ought to be a way of life and not just in the classroom alone. This orientation is gradually beginning to differentiate our young and vibrant college as:

  • A visionary College
  • A faith-based College
  • A cultured College
  • A singing College
  • An inspiring College
  • A community College
  • An enterprising College
  • A green College
  • A disciplined College
  • A learning College

News Update


    January 21, 2018

    This is to inform the entire public that there are vacancies for admission into JS1, JS2, SS1 and SS2 classes for 2018/2019 academic session. Read more

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